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QT EcoSeries Wall Panel is a solid substrate that is fire-resistant with outstanding thermal and acoustic qualities. Designed and manufactured in Australia from Conpolcrete (a cementitious mixture containing recycled EPS) QT EcoSeries Panel is lightweight and strong, withstanding wind gust above 250k/ph.

Full Scale AS:5113-EW Approved

FACT: Very few other products, including most Deemed to satisfy products, have successfully passed the AS5113-EW Full Facade test.

What is QT?

The QT Systems EcoSeries Wall Panel is a lightweight masonry-veneer wall cladding system suitable for Type A and B construction in Australia. The wall panel offers a solid substrate that can accommodate a wide range of finishes.

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Extensive DIY, technical data, videos and brochures can be found in the Austech Resource Centre.

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This system provides an accurate method of predicting the ability of a wall to maintain its strength in a fire and to resist the spread of the fire, an FRL of 90/90/90 means a minimum fire resistance period of 90 minutes each for structural adequacy, integrity and insulation.

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Warrington Fire Research Fire Resistance Test of a 50mm thick QT EcoSeries exterior wall panel system tested in accordance with AS1530.4-2005

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Full Scale First Test

The QT 50mm Conpolcrete panel was tested in accordance with BS 84142-2015 as modified by AS 5113-2016 and Amendment 1:2018 and document by Ignis Lab.

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The product as supplied is non-hazardous. However, dust from this product when cut, sawn, abraded contains crystalline silica which may be respirable and is hazardous.
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The QT 50mm Coonpolcrete panel was tested in accordance with BS 841412-2015vas modified by AS 5113-2016 and Amended 1:2018 and documented by Ignis Labs.

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This technical manual cover the QT EcoSeries Wall Panel, a masonry veneer wall cladding system with a cavity.

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The sound transmission loss (TL 399) of a timber stud wall system lined with a proprietary concrete composite material.

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Resistance to wind pressures for non-cyclone regions up to the strength limit state pressures of 4.44 kPa.

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The CSIRO has conducted the test 3837 for smoke and heat release.

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The purpose of this assessment is to report the applicable use and compliance of the QT Panel external wall board against the requirements of the National Construction Code – Volume One – Building Code of Australia, 2019 (BCA) through Verification Method CV3.

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Ignis Solutions has been engaged by QT Systems to undertake a review its suitability in applications of bushfire prone areas and its compliance for use on external walls with AS 3959:2018 for BAL 12.5 to BAL FZ and thus compliance with National Construction Code Building Code of Australia Volume One Clauses GP5.1, G5.0, G5.1 and G5.2 and Volume Two Part 3.10.5 and 2019.

The QT Panel are constructed of 50mm Conpolcrete, a cementitious mixture containing recycled polystyrene. The QT Panel is fixed to a stud frame. The QT Panel is to be rendered by an appropriate and tested render system.

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Product Comparison 1

Cladding Type Conpolcrete Type AAC Concrete Type Fibre Cement Type Polystyrene Type
Size (mm)2250 x 9002400 x 6002440 x 12002400 x 1200
Thickness (mm) 5050850
Recycled70% (by volume of material) NoneNoneNone
Cavity (mm) 204016None
SarkingVapour permeable NoneVapour permeable Vapour permeable
BattensTimber / MetalMetalMetalNone
Batten Direction VerticalHorizontalHorizontalN/A
Cutting Hand SawDiamond bladeMasonry bladeHand Saw
FixingFace button and Screw Rear masonry screws Face Screws Face button and Screw
JointingExpanda Foam AAC Adhesive Edge to Edge Expanda Foam

Product Comparison 2

Tests ImplementedQT Systems EcoSeries Panel (50mm)AAC Panel (50mm)Clay Brick (110mm)Concrete Block (190mm)Polystyrene (50mm)Fibre Cement Sheet (9mm)
Fire Resistance
Level (FRL)
90/90/90 or better90/90/9090/90/90Not all brick can be used in Fire Walls120/120/120 if core-filled with ConcreteN/AN/A
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)YesYesYesYesYesYes
FZ=Flame ZoneAs per AS 3959 part 9.4.1cN/AN/AN/ABoundary Wall system required to achieve AS 3959
No Spread of Flame ReferenceYesYesYesYesYesYes
No Spread of Flame ReferenceAS1530.3 Ignitability
Index = 0
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 0-1
AS1530.3 Ignitability Index = 0
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 0-1
AS1530.3 Ignitability
Index = 12
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 3
Smoke Developed = 0-5
Ignitability Index = ?
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 5
High Thermal EfficiencyYesNoNoNoYesNo
K-Value Reference
(Lower value = Higher Insulation)
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
R-Value Reference
(Higher Value = Higher Insulation)
R Value = 0.714 W/m²Kt
R Value = 0.313 W/m²K
R Value = 0.030 W/m²K
R Value = 0.052 W/m²K
R Value = 1.13 W/m²K
R Value = 0.016 W/m²K
Other Benefits
Super light-weightYesNoNoNoYesYes
Less than 20kg/m²50mm = 19kg/m²
Based on material density of 380kg/m³
50mm = 28kg/m²
Based on material density of 561kg/m³
Approx 200kg/m²
Based on average brick weight of 4kg
Approx 180kg/m²
Not corefilled
50mm = 0.675kg/m²
Based on SL Grade material density of 13.5kg/m³
9mm = 11.5kg/m²
Based on material density of 1285kg/m³
Quick and easy installationYesNoNoNoYesYes
Eco-Friendly YesNoNoNoNoNo
Ignis Labs Profession Fire Safety Testing
In accordance with Clause 5.4.5 (a) of AS 5113-2016 Amendment 1 2018 the temperature shall not exceed 600°C for a continuous period greater than 30 seconds. Within the test, the temperature did not exceed 600°C for greater than a 30 second continuous period.
EcoSeries benefits
EcoSeries benefits

QT EcoSeries Cladding Outperforms all Competitive Panels in 8 Key Areas.

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  • Better Thermal Performance

  • Excellent Sound Abatement

  • High Fire Resistance tested to AS:5113 EW

  • Lighter Weight – 40% less than other panels

  • Thinner Dimension – 50% less than other panels

  • Greater Versatility – no hidden steel

  • Faster Installations

  • More Cost-effective

Email us with your project plans, so we can guide you through our collection of technical data, scientific journals and manuals. We will send you a link to download all the files you need.

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